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Video Tutorial : Python Keywords and Identifiers

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Python Quiz Challange : Keywords and Identifiers

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What are keywords in Python?

Keywords are reserved words in Python that have a specific meaning and cannot be used as variable names, function names, or any other identifiers. Examples of keywords in Python include "if", "else", "elif", "while", "for", and "def".

What are identifiers in Python?

Identifiers are names given to variables, functions, classes, and other objects in a Python program. They follow specific naming conventions, such as starting with a letter or underscore and only containing letters, numbers, or underscores. Examples of identifiers include variable names like "x", "my_variable", and function names like "calculate_average".

Can you list some of the keywords in Python?

"and", "as", "assert", "async", "await", "break", "class", "continue", "def", "del", "elif", "else", "except", "False", "finally", "for", "from", "global", "if", "import", "in", "is", "lambda", "None", "nonlocal", "not", "or", "pass", "raise", "return", "True", "try", "while", "with", "yield".

What are some rules for naming identifiers in Python?

- Identifiers can be a combination of letters, numbers, and underscores, but must start with a letter or underscore.
- Python is case sensitive, so "myVariable" and "myvariable" are different identifiers.
- Python reserves certain words that cannot be used as identifiers, such as keywords and built-in function names.
- Identifiers should be descriptive and meaningful, and should not be excessively long.

What are some examples of valid and invalid identifiers in Python?

- Valid: myVariable, _privateVariable, variable_1
- Invalid: 1_variable (starts with a number), my-variable (contains a hyphen), if (a keyword)

Can I use a keyword as an identifier?

- No, keywords cannot be used as identifiers in Python.

Fill in the Blanks

Exercise: Assign the value 99 to variable p.



In conclusion, daily learning and challenges are crucial for mastering Python programming and Python interview. By consistently dedicating time to learning new concepts and applying them in practical challenges, you can improve your programming skills and become a proficient Python developer. Additionally, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in Python and the wider tech industry to remain competitive and relevant.

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