Termux commands to Find Your Public IP Address : Demystifying the Digital You ️‍♀️

Demystifying the Digital You: 5 Ways to Find Your Public IP Address with Termux ️‍♀️

Termux  commands to Find Your Public IP Address   Demystifying the Digital You  ️‍♀️

Ever feel like your online
self exists in a shadowy realm, unseen and unknown? Well, fear not, fellow digital voyagers! Unraveling the mystery of your public IP address, that unique identifier the web uses to recognize you, is easier than you think. And the key lies in a powerful tool lurking within your Android device: Termux, the command-line superhero.

But before we dive into the code, let's talk about why knowing your public IP matters

Imagine this: you're trying to access a secure server remotely, or maybe you're curious about how websites perceive your location. Your public IP is the key that unlocks these doors and answers these questions.

So, how do we wield this digital key with Termux? Buckle up, because we're about to explore five epic commands that will make you a public IP pro.

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Let's Understand What is Termux?

Termux is a powerful terminal emulator for Android devices, providing a Linux environment that enables users to run various command-line utilities and packages. With its comprehensive package management system and support for scripting languages like Python and Ruby, Termux offers a versatile platform for both casual users and developers alike.

Unleashing the Power of Termux

Termux opens a world of possibilities for Android users, allowing them to leverage the command line for various tasks. To find your public IP address, follow these simple steps:

Install Termux: Download the app from the Google Play Store or F-Droid.

Open Termux: Launch the app and grant necessary permissions.

Choose your command: We'll explore five different methods, each with its own advantages.

Termux Commands to Rule Them All

Here are cool termux commands to find your public IP address in Termux, along with their explanations:

1st Method: Using 'Curl' command

1st Method: Using 'Curl' command

$ curl ipinfo.io

- This command uses the curl utility to fetch data from the ipinfo.io website, which provides detailed information about your IP address, including location and ISP.

2nd Method: Using the "curl" on ifconfig.me:

- This is just a simple curl command, since curl comes preinstalled in termux, just type the below command and it will give you your public IP.

"curl" on ifconfig.me Termux

$ curl ifconfig.me

- The command will fetch the public IP address from the ifconfig.me service and display it in the Termux.

3rd Method: Using the "wget" on ifconfig.io:

"wget" on ifconfig.io

Step 1:
Install wget package

$ pkg install wget

Step 2:

wget -qO- ifconfig.io

- The command will fetch the public IP address from the ifconfig.io service and display it in the terminal window.

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4th Method: Using the "dig " tool:

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Step 1:

$ pkg install dnsutils

Step 2:

$ dig +short myip.opendns.com @resolver1.opendns.com 

- This command utilizes the dig tool to query a specific DNS record on o-o.myip.io, returning your public IP address.

5th Method: Using the "wget" command with ipecho:

- Simply use the following commands in our shell script to get our computer’s public IP and store it in a variable.

$ PUBLIC_IP=`wget http://ipecho.net/plain -O - -q ; echo`


Remember: With great power comes great responsibility. While knowing your public IP can be empowering, be mindful of sharing it online and understand the potential security implications. So, there you have it! Five epic commands to unlock the secrets of your public IP address using Termux. Now go forth, digital explorers, and navigate the online world with newfound confidence! P.S. Want to make things even cooler? Create a simple script that automates your preferred command. With a single tap, you'll be a public IP pro in no time! Bonus tip: Share your favorite command in the comments below and let's discuss!

Termux MCQs : Test Your Knowledge

1. What is Termux? a) A social media platform b) A mobile game c) A terminal emulator for Android devices d) A cloud storage service 2. Which of the following is NOT a method to find your public IP address using Termux? a) Using the curl command with ipinfo.io b) Using the wget command with ifconfig.me c) Using the dig tool with myip.opendns.com d) Using the built-in Android settings app 3. What does the command curl ifconfig.me do? a) Installs the curl package b) Fetches the public IP address from ifconfig.me c) Updates the Termux app d) Clears the terminal window 4. Why is it important to be mindful when sharing your public IP address online? a) It can be used to track your browsing history. b) It can reveal your physical location and potentially be used for security purposes. c) It can be used to send you spam messages. d) It can be used to drain your phone battery.

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5. Which command is used to install the wget package in Termux? a) install wget b) pkg install wget c) download wget d) get wget


  1. c)
  2. d)
  3. b)
  4. b)
  5. b)

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