Best 25 Useful keyboard Shortcuts to save your time

Have you ever thought about Keyboard Shortcuts to save time and speed up Computer work?
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Keyboard Shortcut keys

What is the keyboard shortcut key?
It's a combination of keys from the keyboard for any task, like copying, pasting, cut, etc...

How do I use the shortcut key?
Suppose we have to copy some text or file. The shortcut key is "Ctrl+c".
To do so, you need to select the file, which you want to copy and then press and hold "Ctrl key" and press ‘c’ character from the keyboard, and the file is copied. 

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All Important Keyboard Shortcuts

1. To open file explorer:
Windows key + e

2. To Rename Selected file
F2: (Function key) select the file to rename and press F2

3. To open selected Item/drive/folder:
Press Enter key

4. To create folder in open directory/drive or on desktop
Ctrl + Shift + n : press and hold ctrl then shift and character n and boom new folder is appeared.

5. To select file or folder:
Tab key

6. To move backward or folder to select file or folder:
Arrow keys

7. To copy selected file/folder or text in word document:
Ctrl + c
Ctrl + Ins
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8. To cut/move selected file/folder or text in word document:
Ctrl + x

9. To paste copied/cut file/folder or text in word document:
Ctrl + v

10. To switch between open folders or programs or files (from left to right):
Alt + tab

11. To switch between open folders or programs or files (from right to left):
Alt + shift + tab

12. View help information (almost every windows program display help):

13. To go at first folder or file:
Home key

14. To go at last file or folder:
End key

15. Undo last action:
Ctrl + z

16. Redo last action:
Ctrl + y

17. To delete file/folder/programs permanently:
Shift + delete

18. Open the Start menu:
Ctrl + Esc

19. Display or hide the Start screen:
Windows key

20. Open Windows Task Manager:
Ctrl + Shift + Esc

21. Open the properties for the selected item (file, folder, etc.):
Alt + Enter

22. To close window in current program or to close tab in current web browser:
Ctrl + F4

23. To print current document/page or current web page:
Ctrl + P

24. To minimize all open windows/programs:
Windows + D

25. To close current open program/folder:
Alt + F4

26. Lock your computer:

Windows + L

27. Zoom in or out using Magnifier:
Windows key + +/-
Win + Esc – Exit Magnifier

28. Minimize/Maximize Windows
To minimize all windows : Windows key + m
To restore minimized all the windows to the desktop : Windows key + Shift + m 
To minimize the window : Windows key + down arrow (↓)
To maximize the window : Windows key + Up arrow (↑)
To maximize the window to the left side of the screen : Windows key + left arrow (←)  
To maximize the window to the right side of the screen. Windows key + right arrow (→)

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