All the Best PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts (That save time)

What does Ctrl + m do in power point? How to open powerpoint using command prompt? Do you like to take another step in
Microsoft power point toward excellence?
If answer is YES, 

    Then, here is the number of different PowerPoint(ppt) keyboard shortcuts, to help you work a little quicker and more effectively. I have put, all the best PowerPoint shortcuts list for you. These PowerPoint shortcuts key will help you to speed up editing, creating powerpoint and help you to stand out as an experienced presenter.

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The list of content what we learn today – Read till the end

  • Shortcut to open powerpoint.
  • The keyboard Shortcut to create power point presentation(ppt) impressive, faster and more conveniently, so don’t miss any single shortcut.
  • Some Mouse-Keyboard Shortcuts to help you speed up editing powerpoint presentation(ppt) .
  • This keyboard Shortcut will help you to look like an experienced presenter. (Will surely help you, at the time of presentation)
  • Quiz on PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts (🏆 Challenge!)

What is the shortcut key?
    It's a combination of keys from the keyboard for any task, like copying, pasting, cut, etc... Here is the more then these shortcuts, So practice one by one.

How do I use the shortcut key in powerpoint ?
    Suppose we have to copy some text or file or object. The shortcut key is "Ctrl + c".
To do so, you need to select the file, which you want to copy and then press and hold "Ctrl key" and press ‘c’ character from the keyboard, and the file is copied.

Shortcut to open powerpoint

-) How to Open or Run PowerPoint form Run dialogue ?

To open Microsoft PowerPoint using Run dialogue follow this simple steps. (There are many other ways to do this, but we are talking about keyboard So, let’s do with keyboard) 

Step 1. Windows key + R (this shortcut will open Run dialogue)

Step 2. Write “powerpnt.exe” or just “powerpnt” in the textbox as shown in image and press enter key. And Microsoft PowerPoint will appear 😊
powerpoint, powerpoint shortcut

-) How to Run PowerPoint From a Command Line ?

Step 1: Open Run dialogue window using Window key + R key combination.
Step 2: Type “cmd” in textbox in run dialogue and press enter. It will open command prompt.
Step 3 : Type “start powerpnt” as shown in image. And Press enter will open Power Point.
power point shortcut, ppt shortcut

PowerPoint Shortcut list useful to create impressive presentation

1. To Create a new presentation:
Ctrl + n

2. Which shortcut key is used to Open an existing presentation?
Ctrl + o

3. To Save a presentation ( Bits Pro Tip: Use it after every change you made ):
Ctrl + s

4. What is the shortcut to create a new slide in PowerPoint?
To insert a new slide press: Ctrl + m

5. Which shortcut key combination is used to duplicate the slides?
Select the slide and press Ctrl + d to duplicate it. To Duplicate an object, Just select the object and press Ctrl + d to duplicate it.

6. To Copy and paste formatting (Format Painter feature):
Format Painter feature, which also allows you to copy formatting from one shape to another. To do so, Select the object whose formatting you want to copy and press Ctrl + Shift + c. Then, select the objects that you want to have the same formatting and press Ctrl + Shift + v to paste the formatting. This also works on the slide.

7. Convert any text or number to superscript: To do so select the text/number and Press
Ctrl + Shift and + sign altogether
    For example, if you want to write 10 to the power 2 in powerpoint: For that write 102 and select only 2 from number and press Ctrl + Shift and + sign. And you will get 10^2

8. To Group and Ungroup objects:
To group objects together, just select the objects and press Ctrl + g. To ungroup, select the object and press Ctrl + Shift + g.

9. To align text: Left, Right, Center
Center alignment, to do so, select the text and press : Ctrl + e
Left alignment, to do so, select the text and press : Ctrl + L
Right alignment, to do so, select the text and press : Ctrl + r

10. To Clear/Remove all formatting from selected text:
Ctrl + Spacebar

11. To Increases the font size of the selected text or selected shape :
Ctrl + Shift + > or 
Ctrl + ]

12. To Decreases the font size of the selected text or selected shape :
Ctrl + Shift + < or 
Ctrl + [

13. To apply bold format to the selected text/shape text:
Ctrl + b

14. To apply italic format to the selected text/shape text:
Ctrl + i

15. To Select or move to the next object on a slide:

16. To Select or move to the previous object on a slide;
Shift + Tab

17. To Open the Save As dialog box:
F12 or
Alt + F2

18. To Hides/unhides the Ribbon (Bits Pro Tip: very useful for quickly freeing up space on small screens):
Ctrl + F1

19. To Redoes the last action:
Ctrl + y

20. To Undo the last action: For example, if you have deleted something like text and want all back, then just press this key combination.
Ctrl + z

21. To Select all text, all objects on a slide:
Ctrl + a

22. To open Print Preview View:
Ctrl + F2

23. To Check spelling:

24. To Turn key tips on or off:
Alt or 

25. To apply underline format to the selected text/shape text:
Ctrl + u

26. To open the File tab menu:
Alt + f

27. Go to the Home tab:
Alt + h

28. Open the Insert tab:
Alt + n

29. Open the Design tab:
Alt + g

30. Go to the Transitions tab:
Alt + k

31. Go to the Animations tab:
Alt + a

32. Go to the first slide, or within a text box, go to the beginning of the line:
Home key

33. To open the Print page to view the print preview
Ctrl + p
Ctrl + shift + F12

34. Go to the last slide, or within a text box, go to the end of the line:
End key

35. To Open the Zoom dialog box to change the zoom for the slide:
Press Alt + w to open view tab, and then release, after that press Q

36. To Insert a picture:
Press Alt + n to open Insert tab, and then release, after that press P.

37. To Insert a shape:
Press Alt + h to open home tab, and the release, after that press S and H one by one.

38. To Close a presentation:
Ctrl + w or
Ctrl + F4 or
alt + F4

39. Save and close a presentation:
Ctrl + q

Let’s learn Some shortcuts with mouse (Mouse-Keyboard Shortcuts)

1. To Maintain objects in accordance:
Press and hold the Shift key to keep the dimensions constant when resizing shapes and other objects. For example, if you want to resize a square without accidentally turning it into a rectangle.

2. To Zoom in or Zoom out:
Press and hold the Ctrl key while using the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. 

3. To duplicates the selected item with the help of mouse and key ( Its very Interesting ):
Ctrl + Move Item with Mouse

4. To move item only horizontally or vertically:
Shift + Move Item with Mouse

5. To draw horizontal or vertical lines:
Press and hold the Shift key while inserting lines to ensure it is perfectly horizontal, vertical.

Shortcut to help you look like experienced presenter or To make you Experienced presenter. (Will surely help you, at the time of presentation)

1. To Start Slideshow from the first slide:

2. To start from the current slide:
Shift + F5

3. Zooms into the slide :
+ (Plus, sign)

4. Zooms out of the slide:
- (minus, sign)

5. Change the screen to Black during slideshow:
Press B

6. Annotate with the Pen tool during a slideshow:
Ctrl + p

7. To erase a mark you made with a pen on a slide:
Ctrl + e or 

8. Move to the next slide during a slideshow:
N or 
Page Down or 
Spacebar or 
Right arrow

9. Return to the previous slide during a slide show:
P or 
Page Up or 
Backspace or 
Left Arrow

10. End the slideshow:

11. To Change the screen to White during slideshow:
Press W key

Let's Face the Challenge ! - Quiz on Microsoft PowerPoint(PPT) shortcuts

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I am sure, you've discovered a few new power point shortcuts, that will help you to skill up. If you know any other ppt shortcut key, which is not listed here, then leave in comment. Happy editing and Happy Presentation!

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